Welcome to Petite Feet

Welcome to Petite Feet - a blog about my Etsy shop with the same name. My shop features stylish baby shoes (and accessories) for babies/toddlers or as call them ' petite fashionistas'

Petite = small
Fashionista = fashion + artista [Spanish word meaning artist]= a fashion expert or trend setter

in other words...stylish shoes for small ones...(petite is so much cuter!!)

Before you ask, i don't have kids but MANY of my friends do!!! Over the years, i have handcrafted many a cute gift for them or their 'petite fashionistas' and have had so many people say ' you should sell this...' so here it is my new branch of creativity!!! I have a limited range in my shop at the minute, but with holidays (yes!!) coming up my opportunity to make the ideas in my head is so much more.....

I hope to blog at least twice a week about my shop and daily inspirations, so follow me on my new found adventure... wish me luck

PS - I'd love to read your comments/advice about setting up my Etsy shop!!


Angela said...

Lovely shop on Etsy! Good luck with your blog!

petite feet said...

Thanks Angela!